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World Languages & Cultures Alumni 

Why You Should Consider a World Languages & Cultures Degree

A University degree in a second language can help you pursue exciting careers and will lead to interesting encounters with people from all over the world. Every year, the Department of World Languages & Cultures offers a Career Social to bring together current students and alumni to talk about the opportunities available to those who speak another language and understand a foreign culture. We took the opportunity to hear from former and current students about their experiences with learning and using a second language. Listen to what they have to say!


Ted Buckwalter
MA in French Literature, 1995

Lee Wohlgemuth
German BA 1970, MA 1973

Jeffrey Lewis
BA in Spanish, 1998

Heidi Ingham
BA French, MA Foreign Relations, 1983

Carol and Gunter Radinger
Major in Spanish, Minor in German
Carol - MA, 1969 | Gunter - MA, 1965



Steffan Thomas
Spanish and Political Science

Lexus Manis

Jonah Katz
Asian Studies and Chinese

Gregory Jack

Annie Omer
Spanish Teaching

Rachel MartinezHeidi Ingham
BA French, MA Foreign Relations, 1983

Last Updated: 6/5/24